Jennifer Ferguson

Happy Feet Chiropody

I have been a practicing Chiropodist/Podiatrist since 2001, working mainly from my own surgery although I have also carried out domiciliary work in the past as well as been “Chiropodist” to several stores including Beales and C&H Fabrics.

I help patients who cannot manage to treat their own feet and those who need help with foot related problems. I can treat or advise on the following:-

  • Nail care – cutting, care and advice for ingrowing and thickened nails
  • Skin – corns and callus (hard skin), pressure points, lesions
  • Fungal infections – skin (Athlete’s Foot) and nails (fungal nail infections)
  • Viral infections – verrucae
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Biomechanical foot issues – pressure points, gait analysis, advice on footwear, insoles & orthotic devices

A full assessment of your feet will be carried out prior to any treatment. You’ll be asked questions about your lifestyle, medical history and we’ll discuss the problems you are experiencing with your feet. This will help me to determine the best footcare and treatment for you. I will also, with your consent, liaise with other medical professionals such as GPs, Physiotherapists etc as required.