Amanda Jones

I qualified as a Foot Health Practitioner in 2016 and retired as a registered general nurse in 2022. Fortunately, I’ve always loved feet and have spent many years working as a community nurse treating lots of different leg and foot disorders and eventually, I decided to train as a Foot Health Practitioner… with no regrets!  I really enjoy this profession and find it so satisfying to offer a range of foot treatments in the comfort of your home like:

  • routine nail cutting
  • ingrowing toenails
  • removal of hard skin (callus)
  • cracked heels
  • removal of corns
  • fungal skin (Athletes Foot)
  • fungal nail – ‘Lacuna Method’ this involves making small holes in the nail so the anti-fungal medication can get to the nail bed giving much better long term success

For relaxation & fitness I enjoy cycling, wild swimming & various crafts.